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Controlled dispersion Sound & Light
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We design and sell loudspeakers with Light Emitting Diodes 

Our loudspeakers are able to produce both sound and light.  The output from these speakers can be aimed into  just about any space.

Our point source loudspeakers can be used in both residential and commercial distributed systems. (70V)

The technology can be adapted to fit a multitude of designs.

Imagine what you can do with these compact devices that can stimulate more senses

LED lighting an illumination revolution              

Easily  dimmed. When dimmed LED's do not change color.Traditional bulbs yellow
They last about 50 times longer than incandescent lights and 3 times longer than florescent lights (CFL)
They can be cycled on/off many, many times and not burn out.
Total cost of ownership including energy + maintenance costs is much lower than incandescent and halogen light sources
Much, much faster response time compared to incandescent bulbs and  CFL's.  Excellent choice for brake lights or warning lights
                                                                                                         Environmentally friendly, lead free, low carbon foot print. Do not contain the harmful Mercury found in CFL's
                                                                                                         Compact, lighter and shock resistant. Standard lightbulbs are fragile
                                                                                                        Sealed enclosure is able to stand up to harsh environments, waterproof
                                                                                                        They generate very little heat so plastic lens, filters and diffusers can be used.
                                                                                                       Cool to the touch     
                                                                                                        LED's can be easily strobed
                                                                                                        Can emit different colors and wavelengths to improve the visual response of objects  
                                                                                                        New state of the art cool white LED's have better color rendering  properties than common CFL lights
                                                                                                         Standard LED's generate less of the IR light  that can be harmful to sensitive objects and fabrics
                                                                                                         No Ultravoilet radiation.  UV attracts bugs and damages many polymers, pigments, dyes 
                                                                                                        LED's  can focus light without an external reflector. (Lambertian distribution)
                                                                                                        No need for color filtration
                                                                                                        LED's can be used for special art and architectural lighting
                                                                                                       Can produce white light in a variety of color temperatures examples cool white, warm white etc.
                                                                                                        RGB  LED lights can be computer controlled to generate millions of colors
                                                                                                        Can be cycled on & off over a million times a second Able to operate over a wide temperature range typically -40C - 185C  (-40F-301F) 
                                                                                                         Don't burn out like traditional fixtures.  They gradually fade
                                                                                                         Directional distribution of light makes them ideal for task lighting
                                                                                                         No frequency interferance. No ballast to interfere with RF signals. No EMI   quiet              
                                                                                                        Unique features mean Smarter designs are now possible

                                                                                                        Material science is improving at an accelerated pace so the future is bright for LED's.  Here are just a few of the applications we can add Sound Lighting to:

                                                                                                        Recessed lighting & ceiling cans
                                                                                                        Sconce lighting/surrounds
                                                                                                        Landscape lighting
                                                                                                        Night lights, security lights
                                                                                                        Stairway and walkway lighting.
                                                                                                        Retrofit bulbs for conventional lamps
                                                                                                         Museum Art Lighting
                                                                                                        Theme Parks, Clubs 
                                                                                                         Sports Arena's
                                                                                                        Houses of Worship
                                                                                                        Live Productions
                                                                                                        Commercial office, Retail, residential
                                                                                                        Infrared (IR) light for security systems , night vision
                                                                                                        Movements sensors   
                                                                                                        Grow lights
                                                                                                        Low level red colored lighting to facilitate seeing in the dark
                                                                                                        Accurate enough to transmit data in  wireless systems 

We have been providing reliable technology and services to our customers for over a decade. Let us help you design  a system that looks and sounds great.  Our products are affordable and built to last .

Our knowledgeable and friendly support engineers can quickly resolve any  issues your may have. We are here to answer your questions. Our goal is to exceed your expectations 

Our newest product the SonusCandleTM a candle holder with a Bluetooth speaker inside.  Download BrochureSonusCandleBrochure2.pdf
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    Ambient light, sound and scent as ArtSonusCandleManual1.pdf
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